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  1. Once you have verified your account, there are two places where you can request developer access - the "FAQ" page and the "Edit Profile" page: 

  2. FAQ - Click the "?" icon in the sidebar. Click on "Request Developer Access" and fill out the form. 

  3. Edit Profile - navigate to your profile and hit the "edit profile" button. Navigate to the “Request Developer Access” tab and fill out the form.

  4. You will receive email updates about the status of your request and you will be notified when your request is approved.

  5. The next time you login, you will see the developer dashboard on the home page with a link to the developer portal, as well as a quick link above your profile picture in the sidebar. You can also go your Profile page and see a “Developer” button on the left-hand side of the Profile. Click on the “Developer” button to proceed. 

FAQ page - request dev access